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where:South Street Arts Centre, reading, uk.
when:03 February 2017 20:00 - 23:00
admission:7 in advance, 10 on the door.
HEY COLOSSUS are indeed colossal in their age and scope of sound; ranging from doom to feral noise rock to dark psychedelia and even blasted-out MILES DAVIS over their 11 years of recorded output. their recent In Black and Gold and 'Radio Static High' on the celebrated ROCKET RECORDINGS label has garnered considerable, and well-deserved, praise from a broad selection of those most untrustworthy of taste-makers: the press.

still, we can attest to the shamanic quality being proffered and challenge you not to submit your soul to the titanic battering your inner psyche will be subjected to courtesy of their three guitar attack (maiden this isnae!).

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