We are a small group of friends based in Reading who grew so appalled by (a) the situation that the world's refugees find themselves in and (b) the response of our own democratically elected government, that we felt compelled to act. A rash and badly thought out Facebook post has somehow developed into a project where we collect other people's donations and turn them into well packaged, sorted, quality assured aid packages. We work with other grassroots organisers who get our packages to where they need to go, be that the slums of Calais, a large transit camp in Croatia, a swamped Greek island, or Syria.

In addition to this, we do our best to raise awareness of the situation with the people of Reading, raise funds, and collaborate and confer with other local likeminded peeople and organisations. These webpages SHOULD provide you with plenty of information as to what we are about and what you can do to help, but please don't be afraid to say hi.