These guys are all really really cool.

Reading Bicycle Kitchen - - Our hosts at "Jacksons" and location of our main drop-off. Ever ready with strong limbs, we'd be nothing without them. Their day job is helping you fix your own bike, or providing somewhere to hang out helping people fix their bikes, or talking about bikes. BIKES!

Jelly - - Our upstairs neighbours at "Jacksons". Making Reading prettier and more creative one plot and/or scheme at a time.

Reading Refugee Support Group - - Existing long long before we decided to copy their style of acronym - these guys look out for the refugees that make it to Reading. Always looking for volunteers.

Reading Soup - - Always looking out for the little guy, these champs raise funds for small projects by getting us all to hang out and eat soup, listen to tunes, and chat.

Calaid-ipedia - - A great resource for the goings-on surrounding the refugee camps in north France.

West Berks Action for Refugees - - What it says on the tin. A group doing their bit in Newbury and the surrounding area.

Jungle Solidarity - a group set up by a group of friends in the High Wycombe and Aylesbury areas.