where: south street arts centre, reading, uk.
when: Saturday, September 27, 2014 16:00 - 23:59
admission: 11.20 in advance. 15 on the door. including booking fee.
MAGIK MARKERS (hartford, usa.)
experimental rockers the MAGIK MARKERS formed in hartford, ct, in 2001, featuring guitarist/vocalist elisa ambrogio, drummer pete nolan, and bassist leah quimby. Inspired by no wave and hardcore, the magik markers crafted a free-rocking sound that made the most of their stream-of-consciousness approach. the band made cd-rs available at its shows and eventually caught the ear of thurston moore, who invited the group to play on SONIC YOUTH's 2004 american tour.

they moved to DRAG CITY for 2009's "balf quarry", which found the band moving in a subdued but eclectic direction - this was followed up in 2013 with "surrender to the fantasy".
tumblr page

RACHAEL DADD (bristol, uk)
experimental folk multi-instrumentalist rachael dadd is one of the busiest artists we've encountered. living her life between japan and bristol, she is constantly touring, constantly writing, skipping from one fleetingly romantic show to another- whether it be a church in england, a gallery in japan or a squat in switzerland. her recordings are often born from late nights at home plugged into her 4-track. when she's not playing, she's sewing album sleeves and record bags. a true diy artist in every sense of the word. official website

KOGUMAZA (nottingham, uk)
kogumaza make music that marries the sound of fuzzed-out psychedelic garage-rock to an ambient aesthetic, placing it somewhere between the infinite repetition of moondog and the spiritual throb of lungfish.

ICHI (nagoya, japan)
ichi, from nagoya in japan, takes the notion of a one-man band to new limits - combining steel-drum with ping-pong balls, tape-loops with double bass and trumpet with bongos, all in the space of one short set. somehow there's an ancient, ritualistic feel to his performances, he's like the misplaced leader of a tribe and perhaps he will be - it's this kind of excellence and innovation which inspires a cult following. at the same time, his music is so playful and unusual, it gives you the feeling that you're witnessing something entirely new. it's fun, it's danceable, it's exciting.

an energetic, distorted mess of riffs and howled vocals. break out the cold ones.


DOG LEGS (brighton/london, uk)
DOG LEGS formed after a japanese take out meal went array.
after bashing out 'cobra snake' on tupperware with chopsticks, three years later they had a band practice.

DAMN DAMN PATRIOTS (reading, uk)
DAMN DAMN PATRIOTS are a band from reading - they play short sharp shocks of music that reflect the country they live in.

PERSONNEL (reading, uk)
personnel's music chronicles the drab minutiae of modern britain both at home and in public - of shared habitats simultaneously filling and emptying with unwanted gadgets, of dreary shopping centres populated by peoploids jacked up on red-top hysteria. set to stark, distortion-less grooves, the music is brittle but not joyless, simple but not stupid.

PHIL BLACK (reading, uk)
one sharply dressed ball of verve and wit. one guitar rapidly reducing in strings. one badass tape recorder. kickin out the jams. SOUNDCLOUD page

SLY & THE FAMILY DRONE (basingstoke, uk)
using only drums and processed cassettes, and incorporating many elements of avant-garde music and sound art in their realisation, sly & the family drone are a primal orchestra of drum rhythms, radiophonic oscillator noise and electronically-abstracted vocals. they forge hypnotic, textural workouts in the vein of black dice, shit & shine and crash worship.

QUIET VICTORIES (reading, uk)
a new instrumental rock band - with what could be described as a 'classic' post-rock sound. which is bloody great, as no-one sounds like that anymore. SOUNDCLOUD

WILD ISLAND (oxford, uk)
idiosyncratic guitar picking and freewheeling drums. eloquent instrumentals and nonplussed songs. minimalist and ambient approach. some kind of bastard outsider folk. blogspot

JOHN Q MICROWAVE (elsewhere)
john q microwave is elusive to say the least. we have only been able to communicate with him via rob calder, the mastermind behind previous ddd!? artist EBBS AND FLOWS. his representative has assured us that his music will be somewhere between dark, pounding and slightly distorted.

FRAU (london, uk)
short, sharp agit feminist-punk from london.

reminiscent of the pAper chAse's discordant noise-pop but eschews the american gothic murder songs for a barbed british cynicism that the angry young men might have appreciated; coupled with an altogether more end-of-world sensibility this will be one not to miss.

STODDLER (reading, uk)
everyone's favourite spaceage garage skronk raggamuffin bass n drum trio.